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Balan Dosa, a hit amongst youth is run by Mr.Balakrishnan Nair, who came to Ahmedabad from Kerala in the 1970s. Being a football player he had come to Ahmedabad to play football match but was fascinated by the lifestyle of Ahmedabad. He knew with great talent u can achieve the impossible here. So he left everything behind and opened a small stall in the busy outskirts of manek chawk and named it after himself.

Balan Dosa, today is the most crowded of all the eateries in this market area particularly and in Ahmedabad in general. Visit Balan Dosa for some exceptional varieties of dosa. A mixed crowd including rj's dj's and families along with frequent visitors to the Manek chowk bullion market, visit this place. It is this house that gave people the famous Gwalior Dosa and Sandwitch Utthappa.

History of Gwalior Dosa.

Everyone keeps on asking us what is this Gwalior dosa, is it related to city gwalior. So here is the story of how gwalior dosa came into existence. When Mr balan started this outlet way back in 1978 a young man who was the owner of Gwalior suitings and shirtings used to everday come and request to make sada dosa with extra butter in it. Those were the days when only sada dosa and masala dosa used to rule the south indian outlet. Seeing eating him a different type of dosa the surrounding people started inquiring about the dosa. Slowly and steadily it started gaining popularity and thus Mr. Balan named the dosa after him. Today Gwalior dosa is known as the king of all dosas. Youths keep competition within themselves of who can eat more gwalior dosa. Gwalior dosa has now become a brand name and is only available at Balan dosa.

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Konkani Dosa

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What people say!

Right at the middle of Manek Chowk Food Bazar there is Balan Dosa a place that serves some of the best dosa varieties in the city.
Anita Reddy

Balan Dosa is located in a busy street of the city. we have been there several times with friends and loved the variety of foods they have.
Abhinav Gaur